Mikail Maharramov




Azerbaijan at a new stage of development - food and food security in the period of globalization and the post-pandemic period: contemporary situation, challenges, perspectives


Recently, the safety of food products has become one of the most important hygienic problems, and after the collapse of the USSR, it became more relevant in the CIS space. Current problems in the field of food and food security both in the world and in the Republic of Azerbaijan are considered in the article, the work done and upcoming tasks are highlighted. It is noted that the result of constant hunger of people is diseases, blindness, mental retardation in children, infertility, early mortality, etc. At the same time, among wealthy people in developed countries, regular overeating causes many serious diseases. The ecological situation, in turn, causes problems of production safety, prevention and medical nutrition. In modern industrially developed countries, the overwhelming majority of agricultural land is "enriched" with chemical preparations for agriculture, and finished products with their residues, medicinal preparations, chemical and food additives. This list includes social toxicants - alcoholic and energy drinks, drugs, tobacco and cigarette smoke, etc. Thus, it is not difficult to imagine the scale of the problem of contamination of food products. Not only individual countries and their leaders, but also the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), WHO and other international organizations are seriously engaged in the issues of food security and food policy implementation. The relevance of the problem of safety of food products as the main factor determining human health and gene pool is increasing every year. Azerbaijan is part of the global world. In modern times, it is impossible to ensure the countrys food security gradually or individually. Azerbaijan is a state with an open and free economic system and global production relations. Of course, the economic processes taking place in the world do not bypass Azerbaijan and show their influence. Processes taking place in the context of the world food market play an important role in the formation of the structure of national production and market conditions. Therefore, the article analyzes the work done in this area.